sustain /səˈstān/
to supply with food, drink, and other necessities of life

Sustainability is more than a green lifestyle, and it’s not an enforcement of rigid rules. It’s steady process of appreciating and caring for our bodies and the earth, whether with dietary choices, physical movement, or lifestyle practices. Making more sustainable choices is imperative for each of our homes, literal and figurative: the mind [information HQ], the body [houses our mind, keeps us alive], and the planet [provides everything for everyone]. These building blocks depend on one another for holistic health and wellbeing. The more we give each one the love and attention it deserves, the more they all thrive.

As a yoga teacher, nutrition expert, and certified lifestyle and wellness coach, my intention is to help you tune out the noise to find true nourishment — for body, mind, spirit, and planet. My mission is to guide you to implement this holistic sustainability in your own life. I want to show you that wellness is not hard work, once you take a global approach to health that’s grounded in a mix of mindfulness and kindness.

When consciousness meets c(om)passion, holistic health really can be sustainable, simple, and sweet.