I created Goddess Brunch in the summer of 2015 as a way for friends in the wellness industry to hang out in a home-y, non-networking environment. The simple idea of getting comfy on the couch together to enjoy each other’s company and food has begun developing into an incredible, inspiring community of wellness leaders and enthusiasts, who all agree that whole body nourishment comes in the form of delicious and healthy food, passionate people to share a meal with, and really good hugs.

After hosting multiple monthly goddess gatherings huddled around my own and friends’ Brooklyn living room coffee tables, I am constantly considering ways of working with these incredible women to inspire the community beyond these magical brunches. This growing group of wellness experts continues to blossom into beautiful friendships as we become each other’s’ mentors, teachers, healers, coaches, cheerleaders, and all-encompassing inspirations.

The aim of goddess brunch is to come together in unconditional support of one another, eat well, be honest with ourselves and each other, and relax with a plate of nourishing grub (and most likely matcha).

I invite you to join this evolving community of teachers and students, experts and curious creatures as we practice the continual process of learning about ourselves and each other. Real-life, no-BS, zero stuffiness, no restrictions. Just attainable mindfulness and a genuine love for taking care of our bodies, each other, and the planet.

Download our holiday ebook for healthy recipes, and contact me to arrange a Goddess Brunch in your city – come be part of our thriving tribe!